Whether you’re 13 or 90, the learn to swim principles are the same.

Any first introduction to the water is about understanding the environment. The aim is build confidence knowing things like with the depth, where the steps are, can I walk, can I stand up etc.

Once you build this comfort it lays the foundation for everything else.

Call it what you like – Water Familiarisation in one title.

Second is Breath Control. Depending on the age this can approach can range to pouring water over the face to putting your face in the water. A lot of people teach bubbles which is great but if you don’t teach someone to hold their breath first you miss out in extending the swim time underwater.

Floating. Floating. Floating. Yes three times. Buoyancy is key to everything learn to swim. Learning to relax and letting the buoyancy take over allows you to coordinate arms and legs easier. A step I’ve seen some of the most experienced teachers skip.

Propulsion. Now we understand the environment – We can hold our breath, float – Next is learning  how to move through the water. Kicking and Arm drills are great but remember the aim is relax and not fight through the water.